North Carolina Digital Learning Initiative

Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Professional Learning Programs

Teachers engaged in professional development activities

Professional learning represents one of the greatest opportunities to change a school district from within. Taking the time to develop thoughtful, aligned, research-backed learning opportunities for faculty and staff can yield great dividends. The NC Digital Learning Plan recommends digital-age learning professional development for school and district leaders, instructional support staff, and technical staff and the NC General Assembly prioritized funding for such opportunities in S.L. 2017-57.

The Friday Institute and the NC Department of Public Instruction provide both ongoing and just-in-time professional learning. The ongoing, job-embedded, cohort based programs have been designed for Superintendents, District Leaders, School Leaders, Instructional Coaches, Media Coordinators, Teachers Leaders, and Instructional Technology Facilitators. To access more information about these professional learning programs, please visit this website.

Just-in-time professional learning opportunities are available for Technology DIrectors, Principals, Teachers, and Department of Public Instruction Staff. Please visit the NC DPI Professional Learning wikispace for more information regarding these opportunities.