North Carolina Digital Learning Initiative

Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Friday Institute Professional Learning Programs

Superintendents and District Teams:
North Carolina Digital Learning Institute (NCDLI)

One cohort of Superintendents and their District Leadership Team (meeting at the Friday Institute) will participate in 4 days of face- to-face sessions with the content aligned to the NC Digital Learning Rubric.

Participants will:

This program will meet on February 27-28, 2019 and April 10-11, 2019 at the Friday Institute.

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Principals and Assistant Principals:
North Carolina Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning (NCLPDL)

Join a robust group of alumni by participating in the East/Central and West cohorts of approximately 60 principals. There will be 5 days of face-to-face sessions with school-based and virtual activities and collaboration.

Participants will:


East/Central (Friday Institute) West (Morganton)
Session 1 September 18 September 26
Session 2 October 16 October 18
Session 3 November 14 (Statewide Session in Pinehurst)
Session 4 January 24 January 29
Session 5 March 6 (Statewide Session at NCTIES)

Instructional Coaches/Media Coordinators/ITFs:
North Carolina Digital Leaders Coaching Network (NCDLCN)

Join this fabulous statewide network through West, Central, and East cohorts of 75 instructional leaders and participate in 6 days of face-to-face sessions that will engage in ongoing peer support network. Mentors from prior years will also support the cohorts.

Participants will:


West (Asheville) Central (Friday Institute) East (Washington)
Session 1 October 25-26 October 22-23 October 18-19
Session 2 January 10 January 8 January 9
Session 3 March 6 (Statewide Session at NCTIES)
Session 4 June 13-14 June 17-18 June 13-14