North Carolina Digital Learning Initiative

Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

NCDLI Funding Priorities

The NC Digital Learning Data Dashboard serves as a public, interactive, web-based tool that displays data to demonstrate statewide progress in digital learning. The Dashboard was created to support the continuous improvement legislative funding priority for the state's digital learning efforts and is aligned to the funding priorities for the Digital Learning Initiative. This Dashboard contains district and school performance indicators from the 2017-18 NC DLMI Survey, 2018 Teacher Working Conditions Survey, 2018 e-rate filings, and additional data from the NC Department of Public Instruction.

Dashboard Development Timeline. Dashboard 1.0 and proof of concept was developed in August of 2016. The dashboard was shared with stakeholders, design 2.0 was drafted with updated data from September through November of 2016. The revised 2.0 draft was shared with stakeholders from January through April, 2017 and the dashboard was disseminated in May of 2017. The dashboard was updated in August of 2019

All North Carolina districts have educators who have attended professional learning led by the Department of Public Instruction and/or the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation in the 2017-18 school year. Nearly all North Carolina schools have fiber Internet. Almost 90% of schools use a learning management system. While the NC Digital Learning Plan recommends that schools have both an instructional technology facilitator and a school library media coordinator, a little less than 1/5 of schools have both.

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