North Carolina Digital Learning Initiative

Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Vision and Goals

North Carolina is committed to providing the personalized digital-age education its K-12 students need to be successful in college, in careers, and as productive citizens. The transition to digital learning has already begun in North Carolina at the State, district, and school levels:

The intent of the North Carolina Digital Learning Plan was to accelerate North Carolina's progress, working in collaboration with policymakers, education leaders, practitioners, business leaders, and other partners across the State. The charge to the Friday Institute was comprehensive:

The digital transition … will require changes in instructional practices, new types of educational resources, changes in classroom and school management, revised school staffing models, enhanced school and district technology infrastructure, Internet connected devices for all students and teachers, and educator training and support tailored to specific district and charter deployments. Further, State and local funding and policy frameworks will need to be revised. In short, the digital transition will require comprehensive planning.

The goal of the Digital Learning Plan is to build upon the existing foundation to develop a coherent long-term strategy that sets directions and priorities, supports innovation, and provides resources to enable the State's educators and students to benefit fully from digital-age teaching and learning. The Plan provides recommendations for State actions that will guide and support K-12 schools in their transitions to digital-age education. For the detailed Plan and additional background information, see the Digital Learning Plan page.