North Carolina Digital Learning Initiative

Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Fiscal Year Priorities

Priority Digital Learning Plan Implementation Tasks

NCDPI and the Friday Institute have prioritized specific DLP recommendations for implementation during the 2017-19 biennium, as summarized below.

(1) Professional Learning

Plan, design, and provide ongoing, blended, regional, cohort-based digital learning-focused professional development and coaching based on readiness:

  • NCDPI: Tech Directors, Principals, Teachers, DPI Staff
  • Friday Institute: District Leadership Teams, Coaches, Principals, Superintendents

(2) Cooperative Purchasing of Content

Provide a modern content development and sharing system to facilitate district access to high quality learning resources:

  • Move existing content (e.g. NCVPS, NC Museums and Libraries) to Home Base
  • Procure Open Education Resource (OER) lesson sharing solution(s)
  • Pay NC educators to create, review, curate, align, and share digital content

(3) Infrastructure Maintenance and Supports

  • Develop and deploy Home Base Portal
  • Deploy roster data integration service for LEAs and charter schools
  • Explore automated systems for data collection (e.g., Asset Inventory and Mobile Device Management Platform)

(4) Update State Policies

  • Modernize textbook and digital resources adoption process
  • Make recommendations for critical policy issues (e.g., ITF/MC certifications, CIO/CTO qualifications, Data Privacy, Copyright and Fair Usage, Outside of School Access)
  • Prioritize long-term funding recommendations
  • Identify priority policy changes to incorporate digital learning competencies into licensure and re-licensure

(5) Continuous Improvement Process

  • Develop Home Base Roadmap with stakeholder input and support
  • Design Home Base Website and develop workflow processes for hosting and integration system
  • Build district technology data collection, reporting, and profile platform
  • Update the NC Digital Learning Data Dashboard

(6) Assessments for Technological and Pedagogical Skills

  • Pilot use of Canvas for teacher-focused online professional development that includes competency-based measures (e.g., micro-credentialing and badging) for demonstrating NC Digital Learning Competencies for Teachers
  • NC Task Force on Teacher Recruitment, Credentialing, and Retention will use this pilot to explore alignment with NC educator licensure and renewal process